Appetizing Nosh


A selection available in the Deli Case -

ALL available for catering & special order



Matjes Herring

Lemon & Herb Schmaltz Herring

Wasabi Cream Herring

Zaatar Schmaltz Herring

Everything Spice Onion & Cream Herring

Creamy Pickled Salmon



Smoked Whitefish Salad

Dijon Egg Salad with Dill

Wasabi Tuna Salad



Sour Dill & Garlic Cucumbers

Sweet Cucumber Pickles

Sweet Pickled Red Onion

Beet Pickled Hard Boiled Eggs


Other Grab & Go

Challah Bread

Vegetarian Chicken Matzah Ball Soup

Black & White Cookies // Chocolate Babka